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Tell Me Something About Yourself - Interview Answers.

Try to introduce some of your most important employment-oriented skills as well as your education and accomplishments to the interviewer. Answer to this question is very important because it positions you for the rest of the interview. That's why this statement is often called the "Positioning Statement".

One should take the opportunity to show his/her communication skills by speaking clearly and concisely in an organized manner. Since there is no right or wrong answer for this question hence it is important to appear friendly.

1) I am a person with strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along well with people. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions to problems.

2) Besides the details given in my resume, I believe in character values, vision and action. I am quick in learning from mistakes. I am confident that the various tests that you have conducted will corroborate my competencies aptitude and right attitude for the…

TIBCO BusinessWorks (BW) - Interview Questions With Answers.

1. What Is The Command Line Utility Used To Get Configuration xml Of Command Line Applications? 

Answer: AppManage is the command line used to get the configuration xml of command line applications.

2. When Would You Select JDBC Adapter & When Would You Choose ADB Adapter?

Answer: If there's only DML operations, then JDBC adapter could be chosen else if after database updation notification need to be published to other applications, then ADB adapter need to be selected.

3. What Is The Product You Need To Use To Remove A Machine From A Domain?

Answer: TIBCO Administrator

4. Where Does Audit Log Of TIBCO Administrator Would Reside?

Answer: The path is : T/tibco/administrator/domain/

5. Which 3 Are The Parts Of A Valid WSDL Operation?

Answer: 3 important components/parts of a valid WSDL operation are:

      • Message
      • Operation
      • Port_Type

6. What Is The Difference Between Process Level Variables & Process Input Variables?

Answer: Process level variables can be altered using assign activity and they cannot be mapped to sub-process whereas process input variables cannot be altered and they could be mapped to subprocess.

7. From A Parent Process, If You Need To Call 5 Sub-Processes & These Sub Processes Need To Take Common Schema Data For All Sub-Processes From The Common Process, Then What Is the Optimum Solution Of Designing The Process?

Answer: Place a job shared variable at the project level; set values for the variable and then from all the sub-processes get the data from the job shared variable using get shared variable activity.

8. What Are The Possible Communication Transports Between Deployed Variable & The Communicator?

Answer: Possible communication transports between deployed variable ans the communicator are: Rendezvous,  HTTP and JMS.

9.  What Is The Product You Need To Maintain For Load Balancing Or Fault Tolerance For HTTP Process Engines?

Answer: IP Redirector is the product one needs to maintain the load balancing or the fault tolerance for HHTP process engine.

10. In What ration, Message can be produced & Consumed In Case Of JMS Queue?

Answer: You can have N number of producers and N number of consumers but one message could be produced by one producer and could be consumed by one consumer.

11. What Is The Activity Used To Save Your Process State?

Answer: CheckPoint is the activity used to save the process state.

12. You Have Subscribed To An RV Message & You Want To Insert The Messages Into Two Databases, Either Success Or Failure Should Reflect As Same In Both Two Databases. How Would You Accomplish This?

Answer: After getting the message, maintain a group with two JDBC update operations & configure a group with XA transaction.

13. What Is The SOAP Activity That Must Be Used To Return Concrete WSDL?
Answer: RetrieveResources is the SOAP activity used to return concrete WSDL.

14. What Is The Activity Used To Acknowledge For A RVCM?

Answer: Confirm is the activity used to acknowledge a RVCM.

15. You Have A Physical Subnet With 15 Systems. You Need To Maintain Testing & Production Domain Separately With All The Systems In Both Domains. How Will You Accomplish This In Such A Way That One Domain Message Cannot Get Conflict With Another.

Answer: Include all the systems in both of the domains but with different service parameters, so that you can divide your network into logical subnets.

16. A Process Contains Wait For http Request. How You Would Filter Incoming Events?

Answer: Using Candidate key, one could filter the incoming events.

17. How Many Error Transition You Can Take From An Activity & What Activity Is Used To Throw Custom Exception?

Answer: You can have only one error transition per activity and if you want to throw an exception, use GenerateError activity.

18. If I Have To Make A Custom Exception From A Subprocess To A Parent Process, Using GenerateError Activity, What Manual Settings We Need To Make.

Answer: Configure the end activity with a custom exception.

19. How Will You Achieve The Inter-Process Communication Of Two-Process Engines Located On Two Machines?

Answer: Process engines which are with wait/notify activities should be configured in such a way that   it will hold state saving mechanism with the database(using admin at deployment time, you have to deploy in such a way)

20. How You Will Protect Shared Resources Like Shared Object, Database From Multiple Process Engines With READ-WRITE Conflicts?

Answer: Place the activities (which will work on shared resources on groups) and configure the group with critical section of multiple engines.

21. What Is The Disadvantage Of Configuring The Administrator With LDAP?

Answer: TIBCO administrator could make READ operations on LDAP.

22. What Are The Two Palettes That You Would Choose To Create A Custom Adapter?

Answer: The two palettes that one can choose to create a custom adapter are:
  • Adapter Resources.
  • Adapter Schemas.

23. What Is The Activity That You Need To Use For Custom xPath Function?

Answer: Java Custom function can be used for custom xpath function.

24. What Must Be Done To Manage A TIBCO Administration Domain That Spans Multiple Subnets?

Answer: TIBCO RVRD must be configured on each subnet to manage a TIBCO administration domain that spans multiple subsets.


25. What Is The Pre-Requisite Component That You Must Install Before Installing Any TIBCO BW Component?

Answer: TRA is a prerequisite component that one must have before installing any TIBCO BW component.

26. What Is The Installation Mode That Does Not Take Any Input?

Answer: Silent Mode does not take any input.

27. Can We Install Primary & Secondary Administration Servers On The Same Machine?

Answer: No, we cannot install both primary and secondary admin servers on the same machine.

28. What Is The Utility Used To Change Admin Communication From http to https?

Answer: TIBCO Domain Utility can be used to change admin communication from http to https.

29. Which Setting In ADB Adapter Would Enable You To Publish & Subscribe From The Same Table?

Answer: LOOP DETECT setting in ADB adapetre would enable one to publish and subscribe from the same table.

30. You Have Subscribed To A RV Message & Wants To Insert In A Database. How Do You Do That In A Transactional Fashion?

Answer: After getting the RV message, place a checkpoint, then the update the database using JDBC update activity and then confirm.

31. Your Organization Wants To Maintain Standard Common Components. How Do You Accomplish This?

Answer: Using Template, one can accomplish this.

32. You Have A SHELL Program. How Do You Call From A TIBCO Business Process?

Answer: External command can be used to call a shell program from a TIBCO Business process.

33. In Which Transport, Load Balancing Would Be Done In A Round Robin Fashion?

Answer: In JMS transport, load balancing is done in a round robin fashion.

34. What is the difference between Request-Response and Request-Response Invocation service?

Answer: Request-response acts on a server while Request-Response invocation service acts on client.

35. In Which Server Do You Need To Import The User Lists Who Are Working On Manual Activities?

Answer: TIBCO In-Concert Server.

36. What Is The Activity Used To Assign The Process Level Variables?

Answer: Assign activity can be used to assign the process level variables.

37. What Are The Facilities Provided By TIBCO BusinessWorks For Custom Monitoring?

Answer: Alerts & Hawk Rulebases are the facilities prvided by TIBCO BW for custom monitoring.

38. What Will Be The Parameter Of RV Transport That Will Be Used For Multicasting The Message To Different Networks.

Answer: Network parameter.

39. What Are The Possible Transport Between TIBCO Business Process & Adapter?

Answer: JMS and Rendezvous are the possible

40. Transformation Of One Activity To Another Activity Would Be Done In Which Format?

Answer: XSLT.

41. What Is The Product You Need, To Delete Projects From XML Cannon?

Answer: You need to install WebDav Client.

42. With The Help Of Which Facility, Rendezvous Would Maintain Shake Hand Mechanism?

Answer: Ledger can help to maintain shake hand mechanism.

43. What Is The Activity You Need To Make An XML File From An XSLT File, Which Is At Project Level ?  

Answer: TransformXML activity can be used to make an XML file from an XSLT file.

45. What Is The Utility You Need To View The Reports Of Deployed Applications?

Answer: Repository Navigator.

46. What Are The Possible Activities You Can Place In Place Of  "?"
Answer: The possible activities in place of
      • Parse Data
      • Parse XML
      • Java Code

46. When We Are Not Clear Of The Input Field Data Type, What Is The Facility Provided By BusinessWorks?

Answer: Coercion can be used anytime when one is not clear of the input field data types.

47. What Is The Resource Used By Java To XML Activity?

Answer: Java Schema can be used.

48. What Is The Process Starter Activity That You Need To Use, So That Process Should Start Automatically, Whenever BW Engine Starts Up & Track Out Checkpoints Of Failure Processes?

Answer: OnStartUp from General Activities.

49. What Is The Command Line Utility To Change a ".DAT" Project To Multi-File Project?

Answer: BW2.0migrate.exe command line utility can be used to change to multi file project.

50. What Are The TRA Files You Need To Change The Class Path Field For Java Method Activity?

Answer: BWEngine.tra & Designer.tra are the TRA files needed to change the class path field for java method activity.

51. What Is The Tool You Use In TIBCO To Test SQL Operation At Design Time?

Answer: QueryDesigner is the tool used in TIBCO to test SQL operation at design time.

52. What Is The Setting You Have To Make To EAR Activity To Override The Service Level Variable At Deployment Time?

Answer: On the configuration of EAR activity, you have a check-box include service level variable.

53. What Is The Configuration Option You Need To Use, To Maintain The Order Of Process Engines With Process Starters?

Answer: Configuration option is Sequencing key.

54. What Are The Components Of Tibco Run-time Agent (TRA)?

Answer: The components of TIBCO run-time agent are:
  • HAWK Agent
  • Designer


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