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Tell Me Something About Yourself - Interview Answers.

Try to introduce some of your most important employment-oriented skills as well as your education and accomplishments to the interviewer. Answer to this question is very important because it positions you for the rest of the interview. That's why this statement is often called the "Positioning Statement".

One should take the opportunity to show his/her communication skills by speaking clearly and concisely in an organized manner. Since there is no right or wrong answer for this question hence it is important to appear friendly.

1) I am a person with strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along well with people. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions to problems.

2) Besides the details given in my resume, I believe in character values, vision and action. I am quick in learning from mistakes. I am confident that the various tests that you have conducted will corroborate my competencies aptitude and right attitude for the…

What are your Long Term Career Goals? - Interview Answers

Generally such questions are asked by the interviewer to check how serious the candidate is about his career. Avoid answers as “becoming rich and retiring early”. These are incorrect answers.

Try to give an ambitious answer that shows you really love your career. Be descriptive and try to convince them that you are a hard worker and not just a mediocre one.

Your answers can be:

1) My long term goal is to be an instructor. I have always loved to teach and hence I would like to grow newer employees and help co-workers where ever I can.

2) After a successful career, I look forward to write a book on Programming Language. I think working smart is important and I have many ideas. So after gaining more experience, I am going to write a book.

3) My long term goal is to become partner for a consulting firm. I know a lot of hard work determination and patience is required to become a partner. Many people fail to become a partner. But that’s not going to stop me anyway from working hard and learning everything I can. I know it’s going to be tough but becoming a partner is a long term goal of mine and I am going to work towards this goal throughout my career.

4) My long term goal is to become director of a company. I know it sounds a little too ambitious but I’m smart and willing to work hard a lot.


- Tell Me Something About Yourself ?

- What Are Your Strengths?

- What Are Your Weaknesses?

- How Do You Handle Pressure / Can You Work Well Under Pressure?

- What are your short term goals/career aspirations?

- Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

- What are your salary expectations? (Or What kind of salary are you looking for?)

- Do You Prefer to Work Independently Or On a Team?

- Why do you want to leave your current job/organization/company?

- Why should we hire you over other candidates?

- How Do You Think You Conducted Or Performed During This Interview?

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  1. how do i answer this question if i'm a newbie? for example if i'm applying for a call center agent. pls help me what could be my long term goal? i really need an answer to guide me pls...
    my interview is tomorrow and i'm getting really nervous and thus i never had a job, i graduated 2 years ago and i'm still trying please help me...

    1. you can say that your long-term goal is depend on where the company plan is to move into a position of responsibility where i can lead a team.

  2. ask them what they expect


  4. all goal tips are very helpfull and its awesome

  5. Thank you for this wonderful article and yes there are a few people, who despite having all qualifications and attitude, cannot be successful in an interview because they fail to give satisfactory answers to these type of common interview questions and this article will definitely going to help then while preparing for interviews.


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