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TIBCO BusinessWorks (BW) - Interview Questions With Answers.

1. What Is The Command Line Utility Used To Get Configuration xml Of Command Line Applications? 

Answer: AppManage is the command line used to get the configuration xml of command line applications.

2. When Would You Select JDBC Adapter & When Would You Choose ADB Adapter?

Answer: If there's only DML operations, then JDBC adapter could be chosen else if after database updation notification need to be published to other applications, then ADB adapter need to be selected.

3. What Is The Product You Need To Use To Remove A Machine From A Domain?

Answer: TIBCO Administrator

4. Where Does Audit Log Of TIBCO Administrator Would Reside?

Answer: The path is : T/tibco/administrator/domain/

5. Which 3 Are The Parts Of A Valid WSDL Operation?

Answer: 3 important components/parts of a valid WSDL operation are:

6.What Is The Difference Between Process Level Variables & Process Input Variables?

Answer: Process level variables can be altered using assign activity and they …