Data Structure & Algorithm Interview Questions And Answers - Part II.

Here, are some sample questions based on "Data Structures". Read it carefully as these questions will help you in cracking any interview.

6) What Are Non Linear Data Structures ?

Non linear data structures are multi level data structures. Examples of non linear data structure are trees and graphs. In such non linear data structures, the elements share a hierarchical relationship among themselves rather than forming a sequence.

7) Differentiate Between Data Types & Data Structures ?

A data type is a named group of data with similar characteristics and behavior, E.g.: Integer, real, Boolean, character etc.

A data structure is a named group of data of different data types, organized in a particular format and characterized by specific operations that can be performed on it. E.g.: Queues, arrays, trees etc.

8) List Four Major Operations On Linear Data Structures ?

Four major operations performed on linear data structures are:

Searching: Refers to searching for a given ITEM in a given data structure.
Sorting: Refers to rearranging the elements of a given data structure in a particular order.
Traversing: Refers to the act of accessing and processing each element of a data structure.
Inserting: Refers to inserting a given ITEM in a given data structure.

9) What Do You Mean By A Static Data Structure ?

A static data structure is a data structure that requires memory allocation before its processing starts. For such a data structure, a fixed amount of memory is allocated before processing begins.

10) What Is Dynamic Memory Allocation ?

Dynamic data structure is a data structure that does not require fixed amount of memory beforehand; rather, memory is allocated to it dynamically. With such a data structure, more memory can be allocated as and when required and unused memory can be freed during the program execution.


11) What Is A Stack ?
12) What Is A Queue ?
13) What Are Linked Lists ?
14) What Are Trees ?
15) What Are Arrays ?

16) What Is A Circular Queue ?
17) What Do You Mean By The Terms ‘Overflow’ & ‘Underflow’ In Data Structures ?
18) What Is Meant By Dequeue ?
19) What Do You Mean By Garbage Collection In Data Structures ? What Role Does The AVAIL List Play In A Linked List ?
20) Differentiate Between A LIFO & FIFO List ?

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