C Programming Interview Questions With Answers - Part VI.

37. Which Bitwise Operator Is Used For Checking Whether A Particular Bit Is ON Or OFF?

Answer: The bitwise AND operator is used for checking whether a particular bit is ON or OFF.

38. Which Bitwise Operator Is Used For Turning OFF A Particular Bit In A Number?

Answer: Bitwise AND operator (&) and one’s complement operator (~) are suitable for turning OFF a particular bit in a number.

39. What Are The Bitwise Logical Operators?

Answer: Operators that are used for manipulation of data at bit level are known as bitwise operator. Bitwise logical operator are binary operator and require two integer type operand. These work on their operand bit by bit starting from the least significant bit.

There are following three logical bitwise operators:
  • Bitwise AND(&)
  • Bitwise OR(|)
  • Bitwise exclusive OR(^)

40. What Is Equivalent Of Multiplying An Unsigned Int By 2: Left Shift Of Number By 1 Or Right Shift Of Number By1?

Answer: Left shifting of an unsigned integer is equivalent to multiplying an unsigned int by 2.

41. What Is Enumeration?

Answer: Enumeration is data type. In C++, the user can create user defined data types and define values using them. This helps to make the program more readable. Enumeration data types are defined in similar ways as structures.

42. What Is Enumeration Constant?

Answer: When an enumeration data type is defined, a set of identifiers are specified which the data enumeration represents. Such an identifier is called an enumeration constant.

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