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Uttam Agrawal
Gandhi Chowk,

Career Objective:

To take up a challenging and rewarding roles which provide a stimulating environment and ample opportunity to learn, to grow and develop both professionally and personally.

Skills Proficiency:

- Adept in OOPS Concepts and C++.

- Good knowledge in C, RDBMS Concepts and MS-SQL Server 2000.

- Basic Knowledge in CORE JAVA and Computer Network.

- Adept in VLSI Design and Digital Electronics Circuit.

- Good Oral and Written Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

- Willingness to Learn, Passion to Excel and Self-Confident Person.


- B. Tech - ECE from B.P.U.T University with a CGPA of 8.21 on a scale of 10.

- 12th - C.B.S.E Board from Krishna Public School, Bhilai with an aggregate of 80% in 2004.

- 10th – I.C.S.E Board from Vimala Convent School, Bhawanipatna with an aggregate of 78.5% in 2002.


- Successfully running a blog on HR Queries.

- Lead School Cricket Team in Inter School Competition


- Designing PC-PC communication using RF transmission using EMBEDDED SYSTEMS.

- Designing the code involved in CDMA receiver base station using Active HDL.

Personal Details:

Father’s Name : Mr. Ghanshyam Agrawal

Occupation : Business

Address :

Age : 22 years

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Indian

Passport Details : Passport No. :

Expiry Date :

Interests : Playing Cricket, Listening to music, Blogging

Reference : Name :

Occupation :

Phone no. :




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  1. in d personal details,mention abt ur whole family,even abt ur mother occupation!,no need of writing d phone no. as u r mentioning on top of cv,n u can mention fathers detail within 1 line with occupation within bracket with name beside,in this way u can minimise d details!!!!ur upper half i.e b4 objective u need to rectify!!!it should hv address with ur phone line try dis way,it will look better!!! .

  2. never include ur personal details abt ur sex,religion,marital status

    no employer can ask these illigal questions

  3. ok

    ur name, address, and no. shuld be on top
    except that nothing perosnal

  4. Replies
    1. that's true! I agree with you

  5. good job. keep it up

  6. Hi can you please help me?

  7. Some rectification is neccessary to make good c.v.bcoz first expression always count.

  8. Uttam.............a great utterly butterly SURPRISE............
    guessing me?????? ur classmate!!!!!!!!!! vimala convent school buddy....must tell u that u r doing a great job............all the very best to uuuuuuuuuuuu...........keep going..........

  9. Keep it up brother.


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