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Your PDF Files Can Speak Too. Wanna Know How?

Now you can not only view the PDF Files but also can hear them. Wanna hear what your PDF Files says: Go to VIEW and click on ‘Read Out Loud’ OR Open a PDF file then, Ctrl + shift + b - to hear the entire Document Ctrl + shift + v - to hear the page Ctrl + shift + c - to resume Ctrl + shift + e - to stop Remember it is applicable only to Adobe Reader 6.0 and above. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in this section. If you want to share something, please do post them in the comments section.



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Shutdown Your Pcs and Laptops More Faster

Well we all know turning on and turning off a PC or a Laptop takes a lot of time. So if we come to know how to save the time than it can of great importance.

So let’s see how to shutdown PC or Laptop faster:

1) Click START and select RUN. Type regedit to bring up the registry editor.

2) Export your registry backup in case you mess up anything. Its not really anything serious but at least you can bring back the settings in case you wander off from the guide.

3) Find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control

4) Click on Control folder and you can see a parameter ‘WaitToKillServiceTimeout’.

5) Click on the above parameter. A tag will appear where you have to enter a low value as shown. (Enter in between 1000 to 3000)

6) Restart the PC or Laptop so as to load the new registry value.
Now you can see the result for yourself.

Remember Express Shutdown won’t corrupt the Operating System in the long run.

You can also reboot down fast by typing this in the Run box:

shutdown -t 0 -r

Interview - How to Make a Group Discussion Successful ?


• Whether u can lead the group, not by force but by logical reasons.

“A leader leads by example
where as
A boss leads by commands.”

• Whether u can make someone willing to do something by reasoning, arguing, etc.

• Whether u can accommodate opposing view points i.e Disagreeing Agreeably.

• Whether u can keep your head cool under crisis and well behaved and well-mannered.

• Whether u have very clear thoughts and expression and able to help others to complete their tasks.

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Finally always follow these in a Group Discussion :

• Try to have a good preparation on the topic.

• Always try to jot down in points.

• Tick all the points already discussed by you or by others.

• Use logical reasons with a good body language to support your views.

• Try to support logical reasons with suitable examples.

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If you have any points to be discussed o…